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The Benefits of Using MemoryText.com

We will:

  • Make and save your business a lot of money
  • Help You keep in touch with your clients
  • Free your staff to take on other responsibilities
  • If you have appointments we will lower the amount of no-shows
If your staff is calling to remind your patients/clients of their appointments, consider the following:
  • According to published reports, it costs a practice 83 or more for each appointment reminder call that is made
  • You are using staff that could be taking on other office responsibilities
  • Your no-shows are probably still too high
  • An average practice/business that schedules 60 patients a day may have up to 10 patients that do not show up for their scheduled appointments.
  • Multiply 10 no-shows by a per visit cost of only $60 and the practice/business loses approximately $600 a day, $12,000 by the end of the month, $144,000 by the end of the year

Memory Text appointment reminders cuts the cost of making an appointment reminder call in half, frees your staff to take on other responsibilities, lowers your no-shows, and is guaranteed.

Memory Text reminds your patients by sending a message directly to their cell phone and email. We have a much better chance to deliver your message, which in turn will help lower your no-shows and increase bottom-line revenue. At the same time you are able to login to our secure website from any computer, 24 hours a day, and view the results of your report in real time as they are being made with results of the reminder. When you begin using our service, your staff is free to take on other office responsibilities.

Making appointment reminders is time consuming, costs a lot, and your staff hates it. That’s why thousands of medical practices are switching to Memory Text’s automated appointment reminders

In our busy lives, it is always nice to be reminded of our appointments. Surveys show that 98% of patients/clients approve of receiving an appointment reminder message. It’s easy. There are only 2 steps to automating your appointment reminders:

  • Step 1: Upload or type your clients information
  • Step 2: Set the program to automatically email promotions and specials or just simply remind them of their appointments
  • Step 3: Actually, there is no Step 3
It works. On average, our clients have told us that we manage to lower their no-shows by 20%, while their staff can now focus on more important activities.